Genesis Elite Custom Sabers

I’m no longer taking submissions for GCS Elite custom sabers, some info on that decision is HERE.


These one of a kind sabers are the best I have to offer.  None of the examples below are currently for sale – they reside with happy owners all over the world. Most are custom commissions, but some are sabers I have dreamed up and listed for sale (this happens every few months).

Elite sabers will have some or all of the following features;

– Top of the line Li-ion battery pack

– the latest Crystal Focus sound card

– Specially designed chassis to hold the speaker, battery pack, and CF board

– Easy removal of the bottom part of the saber – for access to the Micro SD card

– Custom made LED bar graph – including low battery LED

– My sound fonts

– Custom powder coating

– Artful acid etched patterns

        – Specialized weathering

– Crystal chassis reveal

– Price for these sabers range from $2000.00  to well over $3000



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Here are some examples…

Most recent work
Does it sing to you?
The first GCS Eite saber of the CFX era! I redesigned the internals to make the most of the CFX and deliver an emersive prop which draws you into a story. The overall look of this piece is one of extreme age. The metal is artificially aged, and I
Other works
When I first saw Rogue One, I was struck the beauty and mystery of the moon
I love designs which look subdued and pure as I believe those designs feel
A pristine, two handed weapon with an aggressive profile. This is the saber
I was asked to design a saber influenced by my Desert Dragon design, for a
One of the few custom commissions I’ve been able to take on in 2016,
This is my concept for the last saber Revan owned, as his character is writ
In keeping with some of my Krayt Dragon themed elements, I present the Kray
Long ago I considered a two handed medieval sword lightsaber crossover, but
I was commissioned to design a saber for a Jedi librarian, and to use a ros
From the start I’ve always wanted to do a Badaxx saber with an etched
The finest saber I have ever made. I’ve been slowly designing this li
  I was commissioned to design and build a two handed saber with stron
When I was commissioned by a client to create a joinable pair of sabers tha
I designed this version of Darth Zannah’s lightsaber as a custom comm
The last commissioned piece of 2013, this saber was designed to look sturdy
When I was approached about creating a commissioned piece which had steampu
Normally when someone approaches me about building a concept saber that str
With this one I envisioned the well used saber of a Rogue Jedi. It’s
Paying homage to the classic Graflex style lightsaber from Star Wars A New
Propmakers see the unintended uses for common parts. When Tim at thecustoms
This lightsaber I have affectionately nicknamed “Diver’s Watch&
This design was intended to be the personal lightsaber of a Dark Jedi as op
This is the latest evolution of my Krayt Bone ™ technique. It’s an
So you’re a seasoned, well travelled Jedi. You’re not flashy bu
This one-of-a kind custom lightsaber is the hottest creation out of Genesis
One of the things I like to do well is design sabers that have an elegant a
 SOLD Even since I first developed the Krayt Bone technique, I have wanted
I’d been thinking of designing a unique Katana styled illuminated sa
Inserting claws/blades into a saber design is not my usual thing, and it
Every once in a while a designer gets stuck. He looks for innovation and ne
This lightsaber was designed for a client who has since fallen on some hard
This was my second design with the bone element. I was going for an Old Rep
Here is a Genesis Elite Saber which I designed for a client. It was intende
This is a custom saber I designed for a return client who wanted something
This is another MHS based saber with a Crystal Focus 4.3, It has the follow
This is the first saber I’ve done with the NEW Petit Crouton Sound ca
This is realy one of the first sabers to have all the components of a Genes
I’m presently offering all my best innovations in a system called 
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