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Weathered Thermal Detonator

This is a kit I picked up from KR Sabers. The Chassis is from Goth 3D . My aim was not to produce a direct replica of the TD from Return Of the Jedi, bot rather my own interpretation of that style and look. I wanted this prop to look “real” under close scrutiny. The […]

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Halo Sniper Longshot

The Nerf longshot is famous amoung Nerf Modders for the ability to greatly enhance the power and performance. While I’m working on a separate one for those reasons, I wanted a “Shelf Queen”, a display prop. I envisioned something inspired by the sniper rifles of the Halo games. It took some special part manufacturing, and […]

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Star Wars Beer Fridge

During the Covid-19 lockdown of 2020, I challenged some of my prop building colleagues to “Star Wars” a Beer Fridge. Here’s my entry! The story of this prop is… A Coaxium containment unit which I am using as a beverage cooler in my shop. I got it at a Rebel Military Surplus sale. I think […]

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Stampede with Blaster Core

This Nerf Stampede has been gutted and refitted with the Blaster Core v5 from Plecter Labs. The sounds and lights are so fun. It was a real hit at the recent Calgary Expo. I looked up Mass Effect weapons and chose a designation that was not already used; M32 The 2 tone  weathered paint job […]

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Desert Camo Longstrike

The style and colours of this blaster took shape in my mind over a few months. I wanted an authentic looking desert camo pattern fitting for a futuristic compact sniper rifle. It has an upgraded spring and the air restrictors are removed. The bolts for the action are from cabinet knobs, the scope is home […]

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Alpha Trooper

This is my favorite blaster for nerf fights with my boys. But I’m not sure I can use it now that it’s painted! The paint scheme is inspired by the work of Dog Green 1 On Deviantart. I like the industrial chipped look. Almost like the Hoth Electrobinoculars. I used a brown/black wash on this one and […]

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This project is an attempt to take a Nerf model I don’t really like, and turn it into something awesome. The paint scheme is inspired by the work of Dog Green 1 On Deviantart. I love the industrial prototype look. I also made some of my own custom decals to complete the piece. It has upgraded […]

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I love how Nerf designed this model to combine the old west revolver with a futuristic, post-apocalyptic handgun. After much consideration I decided I wanted to go with weathered black, real looking wood/leather, and subtle brass accents. The spring is compressed and air restrictors removed, but it still retains the light clicking when the chamber […]

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Data Holocron Gen 2

For years I have wanted to redesign my original Sith-style Holocron from 2010, and now the time has come at last. The generation 2 Data Holocron is far superior to the original in both form and function. The red glass and inset lazer etched pattern give a deep and mystical appearance to the piece, changing […]

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