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Star Wars Beer Fridge

During the Covid-19 lockdown of 2020, I challenged some of my prop building colleagues to “Star Wars” a Beer Fridge. Here’s my entry! The story of this prop is… A Coaxium containment unit which I am using as a beverage cooler in my shop. I got it at a Rebel Military Surplus sale. I think […]

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Imperial Probe Droid

Why on earth I decided that Probe Droid legs would make good wind chimes is beyond me. But once a crazy idea gets lodged in my head I need to see it through. this project took just over a year from conception to completion. Mostly because I had to keep shelving it due to busyness, […]

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Millennium Falcon Operation Game

As a young boy I dreamed of flying, or even working on the Millennium Falcon. Well now I can… work on it at least. This is my hack of an old 70’s ESB Millennium Falcon toy from Kenner. It came to me in bad shape, and I actually used it a few years ago as a practice piece […]

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