Custom Production Series Sabers

These are examples of customized Ascend, Creed, Badaxx, Speeder, and Vector sabers. I can offer acid etching, bringing beautiful patterns or text to life. I can also do custom powdercoating and various weathering or aging techniques.

I was inspired by the ancient Zeffo artwork seen in the game Jedi Fallen Or
Playing through Jedi Fallen Order again, I’m reminded of the days whe
I have not paired this Norse Dragon artwork with the Gold and bronze colour
I love Norse/Celtic art, and I love the Krayt Dragon. And finally in this s
Having just started reading the High Republic novels, I felt like the image
The Speeder saber design springs from the story of Corran Horn as written b
Perhaps the most ancient looking saber I have made to date. This Badaxx has
The evolution of my Norse Dragon Battle etching pattern continues. With thi
This is one of my favorite etching patterns to use with the Creed, but I wa
Each Firevine Badaxx I’ve made has a slightly different variation on
If you enjoyed the Book of Boba Fett as much as I did, then this special Sp
This shrouded custom Ascend features a new Norse design I drew up, showing
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