Custom Production Series Sabers

These are examples of customized Ascend, Creed, Badaxx, Speeder, and Vector sabers. I can offer acid etching, bringing beautiful patterns or text to life. I can also do custom powdercoating and various weathering or aging techniques.

I’ve been playing with Celtic art and dragon images for years. Recent
One of the cool things about a new Production Series Saber is that I get to
This special Badaxx is inspired by the Krayt Dragon. It has been faux aged
This special Ascend is partially inspired by the Nord Steel weapons on Skyr
This special Ascend has green and copper accents with my intricate Firevine
  Legend tells us that the first lightsabers were called “Protos
For the first time I am offering custom sabers with an OLED screen. This is
This special Badaxx shows off both my faux aging technique, and reverse etc
I’ve been eager to try my new aging technique and new etching pattern
I’ve been waiting to create the first Creed with a Crystal Focus unti
Employing my new faux aging technique, I have prepared these custom Vectors
  I’ve employed a brand new aging technique that I developed whi
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