Limited Warranty

My Commitment to you

  1. All illuminated sabers made by me, or parts modified by me, are covered against…
    1. defects in workmanship for a period of 90 days from the date they are received
    2. Problems arising from normal wear and tear for a period of 90 days
    3.  “Normal wear and tear “ may differ depending on the saber design and is the responsibility of the customer to understand at time of purchase
    4. Defects arising after 90 days may be partially covered if I deem that they are due in part to any errors in my work.
  2. All lightsabers made by me, or parts modified by me, are NOT covered for;
    1. Defects in components which are not made by me (like sound cards, speakers or LED’s)
    2. No warranty on blades
    3. Shipping costs to me or back to you, these are the customers responsibility
    4. Damage due to reckless duelling or abuse (most products will withstand heavy duelling – but some people think they can take on a speeding truck – common!)
    5.   “abuse” includes throwing the saber (even at snowmen)
    6.  Customers attempt at doing their own repair work
  3. Warranty is void if…
    1. Saber or parts are transferred to a new owner
    2. Saber is taken apart by client (beyond what is necessary to replace an SD card)
    3. Customer makes any claims regarding the above which are proved false upon inspection of the saber by me
  4. Beyond the first 90 days, I commit to timely and reasonably priced service for as long as you own the saber
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Genesis Custom Sabers is not affiliated with Lucas Arts, and does not sell unlicensed Star Wars replica Lightsabers