Bane’s Heart
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Bane's Heart
The lightsaber of Darth Zannah

I designed this version of Darth Zannah’s lightsaber as a custom commission to be based on the character and description from “Rule of Two”, by Drew Karpyshyn. It’s really two complete sabers in one. To keep the cost of this saber closer to $3000, I used a Petite Crouton in one side and a Crystal Focus 7 in the other end. The sound cards are both high end pieces of Plecter Labs equipment, and I fine tuned them to match each other in blade intensity, flicker, Flash on Clash, and motion sensitivity.

The design is a faint reflection of the elements of the Darth Bane saber I designed a few years ago. Krayt Bone elements, brass, and curved lines, harken back to the saber of Zannah’s master. The Banes’ Heart crystal was selected by the client and sent in to me. I built a secure chassis to fit it, and allow for sound to pass through the chamber.

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This image was photoshopped by the client

This image was photoshopped by the client

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