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Bane Curved Saber
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Bane Curved Saber
At last, the REAL Darth Bane Lightsaber!


I’m not into the SW graphic novels at all, so my knowledge of Darth Bane comes from the brilliant writing of Drew Karpyshyn. For those who have read his novels, you will know that Darth Bane was given a special curved or “hooked” lightsaber by his Master on Korriban. This lightsaber fit Bane’s physically imposing style of fighting. Therefore it has always irritated me that the common Bane lightsaber showing up among saber enthusiasts was a straight saber hilt (as seen in the comics). This became my cause; to bring Darth Bane’s lightsaber to life, in keeping with Drew Karpyshyn’s vision.
This lightsaber had to look both ancient and yet refined. It had to be curved, with elements that gave it a wicked “hook”. I wanted this saber to be unique in that it was clearly made to be wielded with two hands.
Finding a way to simulate bone gave me a great opportunity to meld ancient and refined imagery. I set to work designing this saber around a curved metal handle, and a bone central grip. A natural looking ridge in the bone marked the balance point between both hands for a two-handed grip style. I was not satisfied with the curve in the metal handle, the design on paper did not look “hooked” enough. The swept aluminum tips, first on the emitter, then on the pommel too, gave the saber more beautiful curved lines and a mean, almost fang-like profile.
Finally, I wanted the inside of the hilt to contain as much design as the outside. I created a crystal chamber, with most of the wiring run through the brass tubes. I integrated the bargraph with this crystal chassis, and made an LED pattern that simulates energy pulses. The opening also serves as an access point for the Micro SD card.



I will be auctioning off Bane Saber #29 on Ebay starting Aug. 24, 2016. Stay tuned for details on facebook and Twitter!

– CF 5
– Red P4
– Red SMD 7 segment bargraph
– Rumble motor
– Krayt Bone Handle
– 7.4 volt CR 123 Battery Pack 750 mAh

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