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Bane Legend number 17

The Bane Legend saber continues to be my most recognized design. This is number 17 and is finally ready for a new home. I am gratified that so many fans over the years have agreed that this saber is the one they picture when they read the Darth Bane stories. This one is subtly aged […]

Nord Steel NS-5

Of all the variations of my Ascend saber design I’ve done over the years, this is my personal favorite. I’m not generally a fan of crossovers, but taking the time to design an art pattern reminiscent of the Nord Steel weapons form Skyrim – for lightsabers… was so fun. I love it when a design […]

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Badaxx High Dragon

This is the first time I have attempted both Acid etching and stencil painting on the same piece. I wanted to use my dragon scale artwork, but add an elegant antique flair. The ivory colour and gold painted pattern elevate the design just that little bit. I envision the saber as the treasured weapon of […]

LED Zeffo

I was inspired by the ancient Zeffo artwork seen in the game Jedi Fallen Order. It’s similar enough to ancient Egyptian art that it seems more real. The geometrical intricacies of the game art made me want to try and make some of my own! The vision for this piece is a lost lightsaber of […]

Ascend High Guard

Playing through Jedi Fallen Order again, I’m reminded of the days when I favored the flanged style emitter. So I thought I would machine an adaptation for an Ascend saber and see where it goes. I don’t often make lightly weathered sabers anymore, but this one seemed to demand a less travelled backstory. The deep […]

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When I recently created a mashup of the Rebel symbol and the Iconic Firebird logo, I had no intention of using it for a lightsaber. It was just another creative outlet. Yet, here we are. This saber is a departure from my norm in several ways. First off; it’s shiny, not weathered. I used a […]

Norse Pattern Creed

I have not paired this Norse Dragon artwork with the Gold and bronze colour scheme… until now. I think it gives this saber a regal air. Weathered yet battle ready, this saber will be a fine companion on any quest.   This saber has all the CFX Plecter Pixel goodies, including an OLED screen. This […]

Krayt/Norse Badaxx

I love Norse/Celtic art, and I love the Krayt Dragon. And finally in this saber, those two loves meet. I’ve envisioned what a Krayt Dragon would look like depicted in Norse styled artwork. The etching also gives a nod to Tattooine’s twin suns, can you spot them? This is only the second Badaxx saber to […]

High Republic Creedaxx

Having just started reading the High Republic novels, I felt like the imagery for this saber just fell together on it’s own. The geometric pattern and wings of the Old Republic Jedi symbol are acid etched. The bronze and gold colour with blue OLED screen seemed perfect for this saber.   This saber has all […]

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Primal Krayt

Sometime last year I started playing with the idea to create another unique saber featuring a Krayt Dragon tooth. I envisioned something ancient and mean looking, with a primal rawness to it. I drew inspiration from neolithic cave drawings and some of the art from Skyrim. Most notably the Mask pedestal in Bromjunaar Sanctuary. The […]

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