Badaxx Based Custom Sabers
Badaxx High Dragon

This is the first time I have attempted both Acid etching and stencil painting on the same piece. I wanted to use my dragon scale artwork, but add an elegant antique flair. The ivory colour and gold painted pattern elevate the design just that little bit. I envision the saber as the treasured weapon of […]

Krayt/Norse Badaxx

I love Norse/Celtic art, and I love the Krayt Dragon. And finally in this saber, those two loves meet. I’ve envisioned what a Krayt Dragon would look like depicted in Norse styled artwork. The etching also gives a nod to Tattooine’s twin suns, can you spot them? This is only the second Badaxx saber to […]

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Badaxx Longlost

Perhaps the most ancient looking saber I have made to date. This Badaxx has a unique patina to the metal which tells a mysterious tale of a long eventful history. It has my “Firevine” pattern acid etched into the metal. This is the first Badaxx saber I have made with an OLED screen! I have […]

Badaxx Firevine 22

Each Firevine Badaxx I’ve made has a slightly different variation on the etching pattern. Partly because I’m always playing with ideas and function, and partly to make each saber more unique. This one is my offering for 2022. I utilized the anodized parts, distressed and slightly weathered to make the saber look and feel refined, […]

Dragonaxx DGX-3

This special Badaxx is inspired by the Krayt Dragon. It has been faux aged and weathered with light battle damage. The etching not only looks cool, but adds a textrure to the grip for fine control of this saber. This saber will be for sale on May 4th, 2021. Details on the sale are HERE. […]

Dragon Badaxx Contrast Etched

This special Badaxx shows off both my faux aging technique, and reverse etching (where the pattern is meant to stand out). The result is an old worn looking saber that echoes some kind of cool back story. This saber is one of several custom sabers which will be for sale on May 4th, 2020. Details […]

Antique Badaxx Firevine

  I’ve employed a brand new aging technique that I developed while working on the Echo of Jedha saber. The finish on this Badaxx is aged aluminum, it’s not a paint, powdercoating, or anodizing. It really looks and feels genuinely old. This saber has the Crystal Focus 4.5 from Plecter Labs. 3.7v internal battery pack, […]

Dragonaxx II

Ever since I finished the original Dragonaxx saber I wanted to use that style again. This is a lightside Jedi version. It’s medium weathering gives it the look of an aged but cared for weapon. The properly driven Quad Cree LED delivers a multitude of blade colours with the emphasis on strong blues. Crystal Focus […]


One of the things I love about my production saber designs is that they are a kind of blank canvas for me to do some really unique and artful work. This is a Badaxx saber upgraded with the latest tech from Plecter Labs. It has my┬ádragon scale etching pattern, along with some battle damage and […]

Sith Relic Badaxx

Imagine a lightsaber with a storied history found in a sealed box after many years. This is the image I had in mind for this particular Badaxx saber. I aimed for subtle weathering that showed the saber has been cared for but well used. The R/R/G/Rb Quad Cree LED and dark styled etching make this […]

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