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Dragon Battle Ascend

This shrouded custom Ascend features a new Norse design I drew up, showing two dragons locked in combat. It’s weathered and powdercoated with copper and red accents. I envisioned this saber being wielded by a Viking-like Jedi who tends toward confrontation. It’s weathered in a way which suggests lots of use on a variety of […]

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Weathered Thermal Detonator

This is a kit I picked up from KR Sabers. The Chassis is from Goth 3D . My aim was not to produce a direct replica of the TD from Return Of the Jedi, bot rather my own interpretation of that style and look. I wanted this prop to look “real” under close scrutiny. The […]

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Bane Legend #15

It’s my goal to make and sell one Bane Legend saber a year, and this is my offering for 2021. It comes with a finely tuned CFX by Plecter Labs, loaded with all my best fonts including my Ashes sound font. It’s a lightly weathered version for that authentic look and feel. Plecter pixel setup […]

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Industrial Speeder

The vision for this custom Speeder saber is that of a well travelled weapon made with some surplus industrial parts. I used a combination of powdercoating, paint, and weathering techniques to complete this authentic look and feel. The saber has all the CFX Plecter Pixel goodies, including an OLED screen! This is the first Speeder […]

Light of the North Creed

I’ve been playing with Celtic art and dragon images for years. Recently I did a sketch of a more traditional Norse Dragon. Turns out the sketch can be modified into a really cool etching pattern! This is the first time I’ve used it on a saber, so I named it “Light of the North” which […]

Mil-Spec Speeder

One of the cool things about a new Production Series Saber is that I get to play with CUSTOMIZNG! This is the first such attempt. I was envisioning a saber constructed from salvaged military or Mil-Spec parts. I used a few weathering techniques and a cool green powdercoating I have. The saber has all the […]

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A saber which feels like it was constructed by a Jedi from found parts, a saber that looks like it has a story to tell. OverĀ  10 years ago I started work on what would become one of my most popular SWEU designs (Legends). I wanted to capture the lightsaber described by Michael Stackpole in […]

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The first GCS Eite saber of the CFX era! I redesigned the internals to make the most of the CFX and deliver an emersive prop which draws you into a story. The overall look of this piece is one of extreme age. The metal is artificially aged, and I applied various techniques to weather the […]

Creed Protovolved

  Legend tells us that the first lightsabers were called “Protosabers”. What evolved from the Proto Saber? What did the next phase of saber look like. These questions drove the vision for this Old Relic of a lightsaber design. I used armoured wires and pommel protrusions to set it apart from the Creed base design, […]

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Bane Legend #14

Due to high demand, I have constructed another Bane Legend saber for auction. This is the first to come with my new Ashes sound font. It’s a weathered version for that authentic look and feel. Plecter pixel setup with my NPX-2 blade, fine tuned and ready to go. I will be auctioning off this special […]

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