Speeder Based Custom Sabers
Mil-Spec Speeder 2

One of my favorite colour schemes for a Speeder saber. It looks and feels like a real lightsaber that has seen some action. This saber and the colour green will always be associated with Corran Horn. Consider this a Corran Horn Alternate version. This saber has the CFX sound card from Plecter Labs with: OLED […]

Utility Speeder Sabers

The Speeder saber design springs from the story of Corran Horn as written by Michael Stackpole in “I, Jedi”. As such the concept pf a lightsaber made from scrap parts is burned into Star Wars lore, and my imagination. These sabers showcase that level of wear and weathering. they each have a story to tell. […]

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Speeder Special Edition 2022

At long last… I’m offering another chance to get a Speeder Special Edition saber patterned after my original Corran Horn design, but this one has the OLED screen! The Speeder Special Edition 2022 saber has the familiar Corran Horn weathering with shiny pommel, copper component near the emitter, and Kobold D-ring belt attachment. It’s a […]

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Old Fett Speeder

Inspired by the classic look of Boba Fett’s armour, this saber looks like it has seen the Galaxy. The colours are familiar, and the withering is painstakingly done to let the darkened metal shine through. This style of weathering involves paint and powdercoating and many steps. It’s even more time consuming than some etching jobs. […]

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New Fett Speeder

This take on the Speeder saber is inspired by the shiny new paint job Boba Fett showed us on his iconic armour in The Book Of Boba Fett. These colours are all powdercoated for durability, and slightly weathered to give it some extra realism. The saber is ready to avenge and settle any debt of […]

Sand and Sarlacc Speeder

If you enjoyed the Book of Boba Fett as much as I did, then this special Speeder saber might be perfect for you. The chipped paint effect is actually durable powdercoating. The varied weathering techniques leaves no doubt that this saber has a backstory. I’m calling this look “Sand and Sarlacc”. It has a fine […]

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Industrial Speeder

The vision for this custom Speeder saber is that of a well travelled weapon made with some surplus industrial parts. I used a combination of powdercoating, paint, and weathering techniques to complete this authentic look and feel. The saber has all the CFX Plecter Pixel goodies, including an OLED screen! This is the first Speeder […]

Mil-Spec Speeder

One of the cool things about a new Production Series Saber is that I get to play with CUSTOMIZNG! This is the first such attempt. I was envisioning a saber constructed from salvaged military or Mil-Spec parts. I used a few weathering techniques and a cool green powdercoating I have. The saber has all the […]

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