May The 4th Be With You
Badaxx Firevine 22

Each Firevine Badaxx I’ve made has a slightly different variation on the etching pattern. Partly because I’m always playing with ideas and function, and partly to make each saber more unique. This one is my offering for 2022. I utilized the anodized parts, distressed and slightly weathered to make the saber look and feel refined, […]

Old Fett Speeder

Inspired by the classic look of Boba Fett’s armour, this saber looks like it has seen the Galaxy. The colours are familiar, and the withering is painstakingly done to let the darkened metal shine through. This style of weathering involves paint and powdercoating and many steps. It’s even more time consuming than some etching jobs. […]

New Fett Speeder

This take on the Speeder saber is inspired by the shiny new paint job Boba Fett showed us on his iconic armour in The Book Of Boba Fett. These colours are all powdercoated for durability, and slightly weathered to give it some extra realism. The saber is ready to avenge and settle any debt of […]

CreedAxx Ascend

No, it’s not kitbashed… OK yes it is. You might recognize modified parts from both Creed and Badaxx sabers on this custom Ascend. in keeping with the ancient tradition of constructing ones lightsaber from available parts, I give you the Creedaxx Ascend. This saber is lovingly weathered and shows slight signs of battle damage and […]

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