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Speeder Special Edition 2022
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Speeder Special Edition 2022
The heritage of a Jedi

At long last… I’m offering another chance to get a Speeder Special Edition saber patterned after my original Corran Horn design, but this one has the OLED screen!
The Speeder Special Edition 2022 saber has the familiar Corran Horn weathering with shiny pommel, copper component near the emitter, and Kobold D-ring belt attachment. It’s a stunning piece with the authentic aging and weathering, and of course the Plecter Labs CFX sound card with white OLED screen.

This will be a small run, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. You can order the saber with or without a blade, Plecter Pixel or Tri-Cree configuration. The saber will come fine tuned with 16 blade colours and many unique blade profiles.





When you order this saber, you’ll get;

  • Crystal Focus10 Sound Card installed with 2w speaker
  • Hero, Bespin, Korriban, Shatterpoint, Hoth, Hero, Corellian, and Shoto sound fonts plus 10 other fonts (more fonts can be purchased at www.saberfont.com)
  • Smooth swing tuned and ready on my 7 fonts.
  • 18650 Battery Holder installed
  • Orders outside Canada will receive saber with only one battery installed due to shipping restrictions.
  • Battery Charger



Instruction Video:

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