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The Corran Horn saber
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The infamous speeder bike handled lightsaber comes to life!

For over a year I have been playing with the idea of designing Corran Horn’s infamous “speeder bike handle” lightsaber. For those who are unfamiliar with the character; Corran Horn is a Corellian Jedi, one of Luke Skywalker’s first students after the fall of the Emperor. He helped Luke to start the Jedi Academy on Yavin, but left to look for his abducted wife. During that adventure he constructed his own lightsaber with instructions left for him by his Jedi grandfather Nejaa Halcyon. The story is chronicled in the book “I, Jedi” by Michael Stackpole.

As I read the detailed account of Horn building his lightsaber – I tried to envision and design what I thought it would look like. Here we are almost a year later and it’s finally done.

This is the first saber I have designed with the intention of making more than one! It’s possible that in the coming weeks I will announce a price and start taking deposits for a limited run of these sabers. I expect the price to be close to $900. Contact me if you are interested.


The bottom six photos are the weathered version. It’s exactly the same, there’s just some extra TLC to make it look like a well worn but cared for piece of Jedi equipment. This will be optional for those who want in on the limited run.

– Petit Crouton sound
– LedEngin RGBW – blue and white dice = SILVER
– rumble motor
– twin 18500 AW Lithium Ion battery pack (7.4 volts)
– PVC chassis and removeable crystal chassis made with Halon disk segments.
– One genuine quartz crystal, 2 glass jewels

Latest News (March 9, 2012)

I’m contemplating a second run of these fine sabers. If you want in – go to fx-sabers and login to  register for the run there. Limited spots!


The price will be approx $1000 USD

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