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The Krayt Bone element evolves again

Every once in a while a designer gets stuck. He looks for innovation and new ideas. It was just such a time when I was wondering what the next evolution of a Krayt Bone handled lightsaber could look like. So I started randomly connecting some MHS pieces for inspiration. It was almost like I was playing with Lego again. I hit on something, but the design presented certain challenges. Most notably, the use of the grenade style grip near the pommel. This piece has a smaller inside diameter than the parts I normally use. I had to give up on the PVC chassis that is usually standard for one of my Elite sabers,  and I had to go with a twin 14500 cell battery pack in order to make it all fit. This challenge was compounded by the fact that I wanted to build in a crystal chamber with the functionality of my Darth Bane saber.

It took a few months of scheming and dreaming to make it all work nicely, but I am really happy with the result. I even detailed the bone cut away so people will assume this is real bone!

  •         CF version 5
  •         Twin 14500 Lithium Ion Rechargeable battery pack
  •         Clear powder coated brass accents
  •         Red P4 main LED
  •         Internal bargraph and illuminated red glass crystal
  •         Rumble motor


  • $1750            
  • (price includes battery charger, and shipping to anywhere in North America)

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