Krayt Fang
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Krayt Fang
Lost in time

In keeping with some of my Krayt Dragon themed elements, I present the Krayt Fang. This is a commissioned saber that was to be made from a Krayt Dragon tooth. It’s intended to be an ancient Sith relic lost in time. It uses similar construction to my Desert Dragon saber, built around a Krayt Pearl which is made from genuine quartz. The etched pattern I designed to look ancient and almost barbaric. Like the cave drawings of some lost tribe.

SOLD for over $3000

This saber has only the best tech inside;

  • Crystal Focus 7.5 with Color Extender
  • Quad Cree LED strong red
  • Animated lit Krayt Pearl crystal
  • 4 segment bargraph
  • 7.4 volt Lithium ion battery pack



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