Lightsaber with a Bayonet
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Lightsaber with a Bayonet
Overkill? Hmm... that would be a good name for this one.

Propmakers see the unintended uses for common parts. When Tim at thecustomsabershop.com listed their new “bunny ears” for sale, I immidiately knew these would make the perfect mounting brackets for a bayonet. A claw or blade can be added to a saber to make it look mean, but usually it’s a fragile attachment. A bayonet is meant to stick out (notice the clever wordpay).



This saber has;

  • Crystal Focus Saber Core v.6 (sound board)
  • Red/Red/White tri-Cree LED
  • PVC  chassis
  • Premium speaker
  • 7.4v Lithium Ion Battery Pack


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