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When I recently created a mashup of the Rebel symbol and the Iconic Firebird logo, I had no intention of using it for a lightsaber. It was just another creative outlet. Yet, here we are. This saber is a departure from my norm in several ways. First off; it’s shiny, not weathered. I used a […]

Norse Pattern Creed

I have not paired this Norse Dragon artwork with the Gold and bronze colour scheme… until now. I think it gives this saber a regal air. Weathered yet battle ready, this saber will be a fine companion on any quest.   This saber has all the CFX Plecter Pixel goodies, including an OLED screen. This […]

Krayt/Norse Badaxx

I love Norse/Celtic art, and I love the Krayt Dragon. And finally in this saber, those two loves meet. I’ve envisioned what a Krayt Dragon would look like depicted in Norse styled artwork. The etching also gives a nod to Tattooine’s twin suns, can you spot them? This is only the second Badaxx saber to […]

High Republic Creedaxx

Having just started reading the High Republic novels, I felt like the imagery for this saber just fell together on it’s own. The geometric pattern and wings of the Old Republic Jedi symbol are acid etched. The bronze and gold colour with blue OLED screen seemed perfect for this saber.   This saber has all […]

Utility Speeder Sabers

The Speeder saber design springs from the story of Corran Horn as written by Michael Stackpole in “I, Jedi”. As such the concept pf a lightsaber made from scrap parts is burned into Star Wars lore, and my imagination. These sabers showcase that level of wear and weathering. they each have a story to tell. […]

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Primal Krayt

Sometime last year I started playing with the idea to create another unique saber featuring a Krayt Dragon tooth. I envisioned something ancient and mean looking, with a primal rawness to it. I drew inspiration from neolithic cave drawings and some of the art from Skyrim. Most notably the Mask pedestal in Bromjunaar Sanctuary. The […]

Badaxx Longlost

Perhaps the most ancient looking saber I have made to date. This Badaxx has a unique patina to the metal which tells a mysterious tale of a long eventful history. It has my “Firevine” pattern acid etched into the metal. This is the first Badaxx saber I have made with an OLED screen! I have […]

Norseman Ascend

The evolution of my Norse Dragon Battle etching pattern continues. With this saber I decided to take the time to adapt the art to flow over the entire saber, merging all 3 parts I wanted to etch. The result is a more cohesive and beautiful piece. Combined with the faux aging and weathering, and subtle […]

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Red Gauntlet Etched Creed

This is one of my favorite etching patterns to use with the Creed, but I wanted this one to pop a little. So I played with the thought of adding some red. With the aged brass accents I think it delivers a really¬† special look. Something proud and elite, but also a little sinister. The […]

Badaxx Firevine 22

Each Firevine Badaxx I’ve made has a slightly different variation on the etching pattern. Partly because I’m always playing with ideas and function, and partly to make each saber more unique. This one is my offering for 2022. I utilized the anodized parts, distressed and slightly weathered to make the saber look and feel refined, […]

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