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From found parts, something elegant

A saber which feels like it was constructed by a Jedi from found parts, a saber that looks like it has a story to tell.

Over  10 years ago I started work on what would become one of my most popular SWEU designs (Legends). I wanted to capture the lightsaber described by Michael Stackpole in his novel “I, Jedi”. In the story, Corran Horn made his lightsaber from junk parts including the throttle assembly from a speeder bike; thus the name “Speeder”. This design is an update of my original Corran Horn Saber design.

This saber is built on the same platform as my Ascend and Creed model which provide superior switch placement, balance and durability. It is suitable for hard duelling. With the NPX-2 blade only light duelling is recommended.


Dimensions: 11 1/2″ long, 1 3/8″ grip diameter

Weight: 1lb, 3 oz. / 526g (approx. battery in, no blade)

The Crystal Focus (TM) can be loaded with any .wav sound font which is compatible with Plecter Labs products. Sound fonts are available from

The Crystal Focus 10 comes with;

  • 6 of my sound fonts loaded with amazing, clear lightsaber sounds, plus 15 other fonts
  • capable of holding as many fonts as you have space on your Micro SD card
  • Each font has:
    • 16 clash sounds
    • 16 swing sounds
    • 4 blaster block sound
    • Lockup sound
    • 5 poweron sounds
    • 2 poweroff sounds
    • Programmable motion sensitivity
    • Flash on Clash
    • Smooth Swing (if the font is capable)
    • Plecter Pixel capability with the NPX-2 blade

All programming and fine tuning will be done before the saber ships out to you so it will be ready to go out of the box. Programming is only an option for advanced users.

3 different schemes:


No Anodizing:

Darkside Anodizing:Darkside Anodizing


Darkside Weathered:


Belt Clip:Belt Clip


 Instruction video:

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