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A saber which feels like it was constructed by a Jedi from found parts, a saber that looks like it has a story to tell. Over  10 years ago I started work on what would become one of my most popular SWEU designs (Legends). I wanted to capture the lightsaber described by Michael Stackpole in […]

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I’ve had in mind to design a unique saber which would look and feel both utilitarian and elegant. I wanted to capture some of the feel of my Corran Horn design, but with a more sleek profile. The Creed is perhaps my most comfortable saber to hold and wield.  I am pleased to be able […]

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Creed Special Advance Edition

It’s been years since I introduced a new saber design. I’m proud to finally present the latest addition to the GCS family of production sabers; the “Creed”. The Creed functions exactly like the Ascend, but with a different aesthetic. It’s got a classic slanted emitter, but with a flared nozzle and vents. I wanted this […]

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DISCONTINUED OCTOBER 2020     My third production saber design preceded by the Ascend and Badaxx, this is a sleek new hilt to enter the fray. The Vector is the first saber I have designed with a completely removeable core. The Vector Core makes battery replacement super easy. It also allows the core to be swapped into a […]

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Badaxx Curved Saber

Ever since my first run of  Bane Curved sabers I have been slowly designing a unique curved saber which I could put into production. The Badaxx design is born of a desire to satisfy the illuminated saber enthusiast with a unique curved saber that is made for fighting. From the comfort of the grip to […]

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Dual Ascend Saber

  The Ascend Dual saber is actually any two Ascend sabers joined by the new Ascend “Dual Coupler”. When you unscrew the pommels of your two Ascend sabers, and screw both sabers into the Coupler, you transform them into a dramatic Darth-Maul-like dual saber! This new coupler works for both Ascend, and Ascend with CS […]

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I first designed the Ascend in 2004 to be the perfect Jedi weapon. Due to this designs popularity I have made it available to everyone. I am pleased to be able to offer the Crystal Focus 10 sound card from Plecter Labs. This high end device is a standard for the Ascend saber. You can have the […]

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I no longer take commissions for GCS Elite sabers, but I will create a few special ones each year for auction. I will continue to offer custom work on my Production Sabers line for those with a smaller budget, contact me to discuss what options I can offer. Ballpark pricing (I use Plecter Labs Sound boards […]

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