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A basic look at how I price my custom work

I no longer take commissions for GCS Elite sabers, but I will create a few special ones each year for auction. I will continue to offer custom work on my Production Sabers line for those with a smaller budget, contact me to discuss what options I can offer.

Ballpark pricing (I use Plecter Labs Sound boards exclusively)

Prices will also vary depending on the complexity of the design.

Genesis Elite Saber with Crystal Focus sound

  • Parts (inc. hard to get)                  $550
  • Labour                                          $1500
  • Design/art                                    $450
  • Total:                                  $2500    and up


Production Series Saber with custom work (custom work list)

  • Custom powdercoating  (add $60-$100)
  • Bargraph  (add $60-90)
  • Acid etching (add $100 min. Can be up to $600 depending on complexity)


Upgrades and repairs (only on my sabers)

  • I charge a basic shop rate of $100/hour.
  • Parts prices will be listed with a small markup to cover the cost to have them shipped here.
  • Shipping and handling fees apply to all repairs/upgrades and warranty work.

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