NPX-2 PlecterPixel blade
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NPX-2 PlecterPixel blade
Not sold separately (only with saber purchase)

Now that better parts are available I am proud to present my second production neopixel blade. The NPX-2 blade is a significant improvement over the original, with better diffusion foam inside, and more light in the new tip. It is now an option on all Production Series sabers. Here are the details.

  • 35″ long for excellent balance (Custom lengths not available at this time).
  • It uses two pixel strips.
  • Plecter Pixel connecter.
  • A 330 ohm resistor built into the blade.
  • Transparent White blade. Sanded for diffusion.
  • Drilled FULLY illuminated tip.
  • Price is $169 USD (with saber purchase only, not sold separately)




*Due to the time involved in making these blades they may not always be in stock. I will do my best to keep them coming in short order.

*Neopixel is relatively new tech for sabers. Although thoroughly tested, I will not be offering a comprehensive warranty on these blades once they have been used to duel with. I will do my best to provide timely and reasonable service should there be any issues.


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