Custom Production Series Sabers
Gauntlet Aged Ascend

I’ve been eager to try my new aging technique and new etching pattern on an Ascend. The dark metallic blue is the perfect colour to augment this one. My Gauntlet etching pattern works beautifully, framed in these three parts. You can see the wheels of the dark and light side at play. Crystal Focus 9 […]

Gauntlet Etched Creed

I’ve been waiting to create the first Creed with a Crystal Focus until I had the right vision for the saber. Recently everything came together. I’ve developed a new faux aging technique, found a new powdercoating colour, and created a brand new etching pattern which all aligned to make this saber special. I was thinking […]

Antique Etched Vectors

Employing my new faux aging technique, I have prepared these custom Vectors to elevate your collection. My Firevine and Geometric patterns give these a ligthside/darkside emphasis, but the colour changing blade technology in the Plecter Labs Crystal Shard v.4.5 cards makes them align any way you want. Blue one is sold Custom etching Plecter Pixel […]

Antique Badaxx Firevine

  I’ve employed a brand new aging technique that I developed while working on the Echo of Jedha saber. The finish on this Badaxx is aged aluminum, it’s not a paint, powdercoating, or anodizing. It really looks and feels genuinely old. This saber has the Crystal Focus 4.5 from Plecter Labs. 3.7v internal battery pack, […]

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Dragon Etched Badaxx

This custom etched Badaxx sports a different look. The etching is reversed, the pattern stands out while the rest of the metal part is etched. It gives this piece an almost ancient weathered look. The story is enhanced with a battle scar on the emitter. This saber has… Crystal Focus 9 with CEx Tri Cree […]

Dragonaxx II

Ever since I finished the original Dragonaxx saber I wanted to use that style again. This is a lightside Jedi version. It’s medium weathering gives it the look of an aged but cared for weapon. The properly driven Quad Cree LED delivers a multitude of blade colours with the emphasis on strong blues. Crystal Focus […]

Custom Etched Vectors

These acid etched and powdercoated Vectors are examples of the various special sabers I will have available at the Calgary Comic expo in April 2018. You will notice that one is pristine and new, while the other is weathered.  

Ascend Firevine

My Firevine etching pattern was originally for the curved handle of the Badaxx saber. But I’ve scaled and modified the pattern to transform this Ascend saber into a stunning unique piece. It’s slightly weathered to add the feeling of authenticity. This saber will be for auction on ebay May, 2017 This saber contains: Crystal Focus 8 with CEx […]


One of the things I love about my production saber designs is that they are a kind of blank canvas for me to do some really unique and artful work. This is a Badaxx saber upgraded with the latest tech from Plecter Labs. It has my dragon scale etching pattern, along with some battle damage and […]

The Nord Prince

The second custom Ascend saber influenced by the Nord Steel artwork of the video game Skyrim. This is a clean polished version with amazing features. It will be up for Auction May 10, 2016 on Ebay. I will post a link to the auction HERE. Crystal Focus 7.5 with CEx Artful etching Duel worthy 7.4 volt […]

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