Badaxx FireVine

From the start I’ve always wanted to do a Badaxx saber with an etched curved grip. Unfortunately it’s very challenging to successfully etch a curved section with the techniques I use. It required a very special design that would work with the curve and flow of the saber. This FireVine etching is influenced by Celtic […]

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Desert Dragon

The finest saber I have ever made. I’ve been slowly designing this lightsaber for over 3 years. It’s just been in the last year that I have committed to finally finishing it. The Desert Dragon is a saber made as if by a Jedi living on Tatooine. The bone, etching, and crystal are all from […]

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Norse Two Handed saber

  I was commissioned to design and build a two handed saber with strong Viking influence. I aimed for something with simple, strong lines and artful etching. This saber also has a detailed crystal reveal set in a machined aluminum chassis. This saber is sold (over $2500)   Specs: Plecter Labs Crystal Focus version 7 […]

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Be Like Water

When I was commissioned by a client to create a joinable pair of sabers that reflected his own values and influences, this design began to emerge. The subtle curves, gentle weathering and etched pattern of water combine to form a balanced pair of duelling sabers that pack a real punch. Both sabers are identical: Crystal […]

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Bane's Heart

I designed this version of Darth Zannah’s lightsaber as a custom commission to be based on the character and description from “Rule of Two”, by Drew Karpyshyn. It’s really two complete sabers in one. To keep the cost of this saber closer to $3000, I used a Petite Crouton in one side and a Crystal […]

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Tool of Justice

The last commissioned piece of 2013, this saber was designed to look sturdy and well used. It’s meant to reflect the idea that a lightsaber is the Jedi’s ultimate tool, and a personal one at that. It has a special inscription in Aurabesh etched into the shroud. This saber has the Crystal Focus 6.5 by […]

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Old (West) Republic saber

When I was approached about creating a commissioned piece which had steampunk and old west design influences I was intrigued to say the least. Months of hard work has yielded this. It’s a one of a kind saber with the legendary Crystal Focus and all the available options. Rarely can I fit all these elements […]

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Halo Themed Saber

Normally when someone approaches me about building a concept saber that stretches outside Star Wars, into the realm of some other story, I politely decline. This time however I couldn’t shake the fact that the design started happening almost automatically in my mind. I had been playing with the idea of a spring loaded chassis, […]

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Krayt Rogue

With this one I envisioned the well used saber of a Rogue Jedi. It’s capable of any blade colour thanks to the amazing technology coming out of Plecter Labs. It’s lightly weathered finish and Krayt Bone ™ grip section really set this saber apart. It’s certified for moderate duelling, and with the bright Flash on Clash […]

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Paying homage to the classic Graflex style lightsaber from Star Wars A New Hope, this design is intended to both familar, and new. I wanted ot stretch the graflex style with innovations that do not look or feel out of place. The saber has the latest Crystal Focus version 6.1, and Color Extender technology, coupled […]

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