Ascend Custom Sabers

These are high-end sabers built from my basic Ascend design.

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This special Ascend is partially inspired by the Nord Steel weapons on Skyr
This special Ascend has green and copper accents with my intricate Firevine
For the first time I am offering custom sabers with an OLED screen. This is
I’ve been eager to try my new aging technique and new etching pattern
My Firevine etching pattern was originally for the curved handle of the Ba
The second custom Ascend saber influenced by the Nord Steel artwork of the
A custom Ascend with subtle colouring and artful tribal etching. This saber
The steel weapons available in Skyrim are beautifully designed. This etchin
These elegant and durable sabers are made to be a lightside/darkside pair.
For some time I’ve wanted to try my hand at acid etching into aluminu
Just to see how it would go, I took the best lightsaber sound card availabl
Upgraded with the Petit Crouton 2.0 Sound Card  SOLD  Only 1 of these a
Solution Graphics
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