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Speeder (Special Advance Edition)
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Speeder (Special Advance Edition)
My vision for Corran Horn's lightsaber

10 years ago I started work on what would become one of my most popular SWEU designs (Legends). I wanted to capture the lightsaber described by Michael Stackpole in his novel “I, Jedi”. In the story Corran Horn made his lightsaber from junk parts including the throttle assembly from a speeder bike; thus the name “Speeder”.

This saber is built on the same platform as my Ascend and Creed model which provide superior switch placement, balance and dusrability.

I will have a limit of 10 spots for this SAE saber for sale on Monday May 4th.

$990 USD

  • Sale includes my NPX-2 Plecter Pixel blade
  • Includes batteries and charger
  • CFX tuned up and Corellian font installed
  • Kobold style D-ring
  • Weathered look and finish


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