Ascend Based Custom Sabers
Etched CFX sabers with OLED screen
Etched CFX sabers with OLED screen
Now the saber can tell you so much more

For the first time I am offering custom sabers with an OLED screen. This is a really cool option for the CFX sound card. These two sabers had to be worthy of such an advancement. They both have been faux aged and weathered with light battle damage. MyNord Steel and Gauntlet etching patterns augment these sabers pefectly.

These sabers will be for sale on May 4th, 2020. Details on the sale times are HERE.

Nord Steel – $1850 USD plus blade

Gauntlet Creed – $1550 USD plus blade


  • CFX sound card by Plecter Labs
  • Plecter Pixel setup
  • Premium speaker
  • Backlit pulsing activation button
  • Saber comes with battery charger


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