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Gauntlet Etched Creed
Gauntlet Etched Creed
One with the Force

I’ve been waiting to create the first Creed with a Crystal Focus until I had the right vision for the saber. Recently everything came together. I’ve developed a new faux aging technique, found a new powdercoating colour, and created a brand new etching pattern which all aligned to make this saber special.

I was thinking about the lore of the Guardians of the Whills when I selected the text. Although I used the Sith Prophecy font, I wanted to leave this saber as neither dark nor light specifically. The text reads; “One with the Force”.

  • Crystal Focus 9
  • Tri-Cree and CEx board
  • RICE interface
  • 8 segment bargraph through a projection lens
  • light vents in emitter
  • Internal 7.4 volt Lithium Ion battery pack

SOLD $1800


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