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Lightsaber with a Bayonet

Propmakers see the unintended uses for common parts. When Tim at thecustomsabershop.com listed their new “bunny ears” for sale, I immidiately knew these would make the perfect mounting brackets for a bayonet. A claw or blade can be added to a saber to make it look mean, but usually it’s a fragile attachment. A bayonet […]

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This lightsaber I have affectionately nicknamed “Diver’s Watch” becuase the inspiration for the look and feel comes in part the from many high end diving watches I have seen. I wanted to capture the same look of rugged refinement. This saber is built around the best soundcard in the world; the Crystal Focus v.6. It […]

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Apex Bone Dark Jedi saber

This design was intended to be the personal lightsaber of a Dark Jedi as opposed to a Sith. It still has a red blade, but the accent colours are a deep electric purple, and the crystal is a more organic looking quartz crystal as opposed to a man-made Sith red crystal. The Bone segment is […]

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Krayt Bone and Media Jedi Saber

This is the latest evolution of my Krayt Bone ™ technique. It’s an elegant Jedi lightsaber of the Old Republic. I wanted it to appear Prequel era, but distinct from the movie sabers. This saber utilizes the latest features of the Crystal Focus 5.1 from Plecter Labs and has the following elements; Flash on Clash […]

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Purple Weathered CF saber

So you’re a seasoned, well travelled Jedi. You’re not flashy but you get the job done. This saber is for just such a Jedi. It has a Crystal Focus 5 sound card with all the bells and whistles. Purple blade colour with white Flash on Clash (TM) Genuine Quartz crystal lit with a purple filtered […]

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Amber Ring Jedi Saber

This one-of-a kind custom lightsaber is the hottest creation out of Genesis Custom Sabers. You can see the subtle influences of Steampunk creeping into my design process. It’s a Jedi saber with all the bells and whistles. It’s got a Crystal Focus 5 sound card, loaded with all my best sound fonts (fonts also available […]

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Ky-Wan Zann Jedi Saber

One of the things I like to do well is design sabers that have an elegant and functional simplicity. This design is not totally mine, it’s a joint effort with a friend of mine to design and build (and upgrade) his Jedi saber. This saber contains a Crystal Focus v 4.3, Green Luxeon K2 LED run at 1.5 amps, a 7.4 […]

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Krayt Jedi CF saber

 SOLD Even since I first developed the Krayt Bone technique, I have wanted to design it into a light side saber. I imagine a Jedi crafting his weapon where a small segment of in the Krayt Dragon Bone handle rotates to reveal the crystal chamber. This lightsaber fully utilizes the legendary Crystal Focus sound card […]

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Katana Crystal Saber

I’d been thinking of designing a unique Katana styled illuminated saber for awhile, so when a client approached me about a similar project I figured it was time. This saber retains the feel of a Samurai weapon, but is pure lightsaber. It has a Petit Crouton Sound card with my sound font REVENGE. It also shows off […]

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Sith Saber with Claws

Inserting claws/blades into a saber design is not my usual thing, and it’s not easy to do, but sometimes it just makes a Dark Side design come to life. This is a saber I designed for a client based on a loose description of what they wanted. It’s one of only a few sabers that were […]

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