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A basic look at how I price my custom work

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Early in 2012 I started a new policy for taking on custom saber commissions. Here’s the short version;

  1. I will only discuss new commissions during the first week of each new quarter (Jan.1, April 1, etc.) I then decide on 2 or 3 which I will design and build, and invite the rest of the applicants tor try again in 3 months. This is the best way to avoid long wait lists.
  2. When I accept a commission, I take a %30 non refundable deposit, the rest is due when the saber is completed.
  3. I tend to choose the high-end commissions like Genesis Elite sabers, or sabers worth over $1500. And projects where I get to be the designer – I’m not interested in producing a detailed design by someone else.
  4. I will continue to offer custom work on my Production Sabers line for those with a smaller budget, contact me to discuss what options I can offer.

Ballpark pricing (I use Plecter Labs Sound boards exclusively)

Prices will also vary depending on features like Flash on Clash, Crystal Chassis, bargraph etc.

Genesis Elite Saber with Crystal Focus sound

  • Parts (inc. hard to get)                  $550
  • Labour                                          $500
  • Design/art                                    $450
  • Total:                                  $1500    and up


Ascend or Badaxx saber with custom work

  • With Petite Crouton sound            $645 and up
  • With CF sound                               $1100 and up

Additional custom features
  • Krayt Bone TM (add $100 +/-)
  • Lit Crystal  (add $200 +/-)
  • Bargraph  (add $50 +/-)
  • Color Extender and R.I.C.E  (add $200 +/-)
  • Acid etching (add $200 +/-)


Upgrades and repairs (only on my sabers)

  • I charge a basic shop fee of $45/hour.
  • Parts prices will be listed with a small markup to cover the cost to have them shipped here.
  • Shipping and handling fees apply to all repairs/upgrades and warranty work.

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