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Jedi Holocron
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Functional Jedi art

The ancient Jedi and Sith stored massive amounts of information in a mystical crystal object called a Holocron. Genesis Custom Sabers is proud to offer the working Jedi Holocron. This beautifully crafted cube measures approximately 3 ½” square, and weighs almost 3 pounds! This is not a toy, but a solid piece of art meant to sit on your shelf or display case.  It’s made of optical grade acrylic, and the sides are transparent acrylic plastic which have been lazer-cut and engraved by Sanjuro of Sanjuro Systems.

The cube houses a 16 Gigabyte flash drive, which connects to your computer with a USB cable (included).  You can load 16 G of whatever files you wish onto your own personal Holocron. When plugged into a working computer or game console, the cube lights up with a blue LED at its center giving it the impression of being alive and active.

The price is $200 each, and includes the USB cable. Shipping will be calculated when you check out. Because of packaging – no combined shipping is offered with this item.



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