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Frequently asked questions

 Please take the time to read these frequently asked questions BEFORE contacting me.

Q. Will you build me a custom lightsaber for $300?

  • No, I don’t build any custom commissioned sabers for under $1000 anymore.
  • YES – You can purchase my Ascned economy saber!


Q. If I have a design for my dream lightsaber – can I contract you to build it for me.

  • Usually the answer to this is “no”. I am a Designer, what you are looking for is a Builder. There is a list of some whom I highly recommend in the Links (look to your right). Sometimes I will take on the task of building someone’s designed saber if I am not too busy, and if it’s a straight forward design – not too complicated. My passion is in the designing.


Q. If I have a general idea in my mind of the kind of lightsaber I want – would you design one just for me?

  • Yes! I love to design unique pieces that reflect the nuances of a character or story. I may not have time at the moment for your project, but I will ask you to keep in touch, and give you a ballpark price and time frame.


Q. Do you have a waiting list?

  • I do get a lot of requests, but I don’t keep a waiting list because so often people change their minds – or find another sabersmith. Besides, I’d feel really bad if I agreed to a project, and then took over a year to get it done (which has happened to some people I’ve talked to).
  • I only take 0n new commisions the first week of each new quarter.


Q. Will you build me so-and- so’s lightsaber from the Star Wars movies/comics/video games?

  • No. I do not build unlicensed replicas for sale. Those replicas I have built are for my own collection only.


Q. How do you build a lightsaber?

  • This is one of the most frustrating questions ever. Even while typing this my blood pressure goes up! I have spent 15 years learning to do this as a hobby, now as a business. I cannot simply explain how it is done. It would take a book, and I’m not a writer. Just the list of topics to cover would be 160 pages long!
  • I have started a growing library of private HD videos showing techniques and tricks for the DIY’er to build your own lightsaber. You can subscribe to this video library by clicking here Madcow’s Shop Secrets


Q. Will you be my friend and I can email you several times a day to answer my questions about lightsaber building?


Q. Why don’t you mass produce these things – you could make a killing?

  • The main reason is that I want to remain an artist, I don’t want to be a factory, or a retailer. I’m not interested in sourcing out production facilities in China, or selling to the masses.


Q. Why are your sabers so expensive? I can buy an illuminated saber  elsewhere for $100!

  • Two reasons… First; the price reflects what they cost to build. These are not mass produced – each one is made carefully by hand. I spend a lot of time on each saber, and my time is worth something. Presently my shop time is $45/hour. That is half of what you would pay for a decent mechanic. Secondly; I live in a market economy, which means these things are “worth” whatever people will pay for them. If you do not feel a saber is worth $1200, then PLEASE, do not buy it! You could be throwing off the whole free market economic system!


 If I haven’t offended you and you still want to inquire about a custom saber from me, then please contact me.

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