Star Wars Identities; A review
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Star Wars Identities;  A review
"I'm starting to geek out" (my wingman Nathan)

Ever heard the phrase; “the pictures don’t do it justice”? Well that’s never been more true than when referring to Star Wars Identities; An exhibit now on at the TELUS World of Science in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; one of only two North American cities to host this spectacle.

The first thing die-hard and new fans alike will notice is how well the exhibit stands on its own. From the rich display of screen used models, props and costumes (my personal motivation for going), to the vast amount of original sketches and diagrams that chronicle early concepts for Yoda and Vader (complete with original notes and audio commentary), there’s truly something for everybody. Now, my faith is one of the few things more important to me than Star Wars, but let me tell you: standing next to THE Millennium Falcon was a near-religious experience. Then there was looking Boba Fett in the faceplate, or having the pleasure of examining the intricate details on a huge star destroyer, but the exhibit is far more than just that.

To put it simply, I’ve never encountered a museum exhibit that is so interactive and engaging. The on-screen vector image animations at frequent viewing stations were compelling. They delve into the practical application of how identities are formed, and apply real-world research from the fields of genetics, personality development, and even parental influence to the characters of the Star Wars universe. You can assemble your own character, inputting choices at stations along the way. It was fascinating to watch people overlook the full-size pod racer to stand in line for a chance to enter what planet their character would be from. In case you were wondering, my character, Madcow, is from Hoth. Big surprise.

$30 is a lot to ask in today’s economy, but this is one of the few times you’ll hear this stingy fanboy declare something “worth every penny”. My only regret is that my son, at age three and a half, is not yet old enough to fully appreciate it with me. But if your little padawan is 7+, the exhibit is a sure win for the entire family. With the dates having been extended into April 2013, I fully encourage you to get out and take advantage of this geektastic opportunity. Go see Star Wars Identities while you can. “It is your destiny.”



Star Wars Identities runs at the Telus World of Science from Oct. 27- April 1 2013. Further information can be found here:



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