Lightsaber Sound

The first thing that needs to be said here is that all illuminated saber sound effects are built on the work of Ben Burtt. Just as George Lucas invented the lightsaber, Ben Burtt invented lightsaber sounds. Credit is due here. All of the sounds I have engineered are designed to sound like the sounds he formulated for the Star Wars movies. Thanks Ben.



If you have purchased a custom saber with a Plecter Labs sound card, and found that you have one of my sound fonts on there (AND you actually like the sounds) then please consider making a small donation toward the work of crafting high quality sound fonts.  And thanks for not supporting sound font piracy.


Starting March 2012, I will be selling all my fonts through the new online source for saber sound fonts;

There you will find not only my fonts but all the best saber sound fonts from all the font designers!









These are some of my newer sound fonts in action;

Solution Graphics
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