Since 1997  I have been driven by one thought. How do I make the experience of holding a lightsaber as real as possible. If I was a Jedi, what would my lightsaber be like…”

  1. One-of-a-kind artwork
      • Each Custom Commissioned saber I design is intended to stand out. There is no other saber like it on the planet, and I do not build second copies. I want my client to feel proud of their saber, and to know that it reflects them.
      • Production Series Sabers are all my own designs, made to fit your Jedi/Sith persona.
  2. Realistic materials
      • I use real metal, powdercoating, durable rubber, and other materials that are intended to make my sabers look and feel real. They are designed to stand up to dueling and wear and tear. A Jedi/Sith should not walk around at a con feeling like the saber on his/her belt is fragile.
      • I use creative techniques to achieve authentic weathering, making a saber look well used.
  3. Ergonomic layout
      • I’ve done a lot of engineering in order to place the switches, and buttons in places where I feel would work best if this was a real weapon
      • I am conscious of the proper balance a sword should have.
      • Each saber has a custom designed layout for the electronics inside.
  4. Quality workmanship
      • I have worked hard to sharpen my skills. I am not a machinist or electronics expert by trade. But I have learned a great deal over the years and I’m proud of the work I do. I am one of the sabersmiths who can PROPERLY wire the Crystal Focus Saber Core by Plecter Labs. And I am one of the few approved by Plecter Labs to install the Crystal Shard sound card
      • I have tried and tested hundreds of parts; from rechargeable batteries to speakers, to LEDs so that I can bring my designs to life with the very best components.


For these reasons I hope you will consider my work for your personal lightsaber.

Rob Petkau


Most recent work
The Bane Legend saber continues to be my most recognized design. This is number 17 and is finally ready for a new home. I am gratified that so many fans over the years have agreed that this saber is the one they picture when they read the Darth Ba
Other works
Of all the variations of my Ascend saber design I’ve done over the ye
This is the first time I have attempted both Acid etching and stencil paint
I was inspired by the ancient Zeffo artwork seen in the game Jedi Fallen Or
Playing through Jedi Fallen Order again, I’m reminded of the days whe
When I recently created a mashup of the Rebel symbol and the Iconic Firebir
I have not paired this Norse Dragon artwork with the Gold and bronze colour
I love Norse/Celtic art, and I love the Krayt Dragon. And finally in this s
Having just started reading the High Republic novels, I felt like the image
Sometime last year I started playing with the idea to create another unique
With number 16 in my Bane Legend series I wanted to use some of the techniq
It’s my goal to make and sell one Bane Legend saber a year, and this
The first GCS Eite saber of the CFX era! I redesigned the internals to make
Due to high demand, I have constructed another Bane Legend saber for auctio
To celebrate #MayThe4thBeWithYou this year I will be auctioning off this sp
It’s been 10 years since I started design work on my original Bane Cu
I’ve been waiting to create the first Creed with a Crystal Focus unti
  I’ve employed a brand new aging technique that I developed whi
When I first saw Rogue One, I was struck the beauty and mystery of the moon
This custom etched Badaxx sports a different look. The etching is reversed,
Ever since I finished the original Dragonaxx saber I wanted to use that sty
I love designs which look subdued and pure as I believe those designs feel
A pristine, two handed weapon with an aggressive profile. This is the saber
I was asked to design a saber influenced by my Desert Dragon design, for a
My Firevine etching pattern was originally for the curved handle of the Ba
One of the things I love about my production saber designs is that they are
One of the few custom commissions I’ve been able to take on in 2016,
The second custom Ascend saber influenced by the Nord Steel artwork of the
This is my concept for the last saber Revan owned, as his character is writ
The original Firevine saber was a labour of love, and this was no less so.
In keeping with some of my Krayt Dragon themed elements, I present the Kray
The steel weapons available in Skyrim are beautifully designed. This etchin
Long ago I considered a two handed medieval sword lightsaber crossover, but
Imagine a lightsaber with a storied history found in a sealed box after man
I was commissioned to design a saber for a Jedi librarian, and to use a ros
From the start I’ve always wanted to do a Badaxx saber with an etched
The finest saber I have ever made. I’ve been slowly designing this li
  I was commissioned to design and build a two handed saber with stron
When I was commissioned by a client to create a joinable pair of sabers tha
Acid etching deep in the metal provides another level of artful expression.
I designed this version of Darth Zannah’s lightsaber as a custom comm
When I was approached about creating a commissioned piece which had steampu
For some time I’ve wanted to try my hand at acid etching into aluminu
Normally when someone approaches me about building a concept saber that str
Paying homage to the classic Graflex style lightsaber from Star Wars A New
Propmakers see the unintended uses for common parts. When Tim at thecustoms
For over a year I have been slowly working on sketches that would one day b
This lightsaber I have affectionately nicknamed “Diver’s Watch&
This design was intended to be the personal lightsaber of a Dark Jedi as op
This is the latest evolution of my Krayt Bone ™ technique. It’s an
So you’re a seasoned, well travelled Jedi. You’re not flashy bu
This one-of-a kind custom lightsaber is the hottest creation out of Genesis
One of the things I like to do well is design sabers that have an elegant a
I’d been thinking of designing a unique Katana styled illuminated sa
Inserting claws/blades into a saber design is not my usual thing, and it
For over a year I have been playing with the idea of designing Corran Horn
Every once in a while a designer gets stuck. He looks for innovation and ne
  I’m not into the SW graphic novels at all, so my knowledge of Darth Ba
This is the evolution of my own lightsaber. I have rebuilt it twice to acco
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