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Crystal Shard 4.5 sound card
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Crystal Shard 4.5 sound card
Balance and power

The Crystal Shard version 4.5 from Plecter Labs is an unbelievable mid-range sound card being the little brother of the greatest sound card in the universe the Crystal Focus. The CS4.5 is the perfect balance of features, quality, and affordability. It’s not a card that is available for purchase, you can only get it pre installed in a saber from an approved builder. Staring May 2018, all GCS production sabers will come equipped with this amazing sound card!


New CS4.5 Features:

  • Dual Digital Sensor motion detection, identical to CF MotionFusion™, extremely high swing sensitivity and vibration/battery ripple immune
  • Mute during power off.  OPTIONAL silenced power-off sound when Mute on the Go™ is engaged
  • RGB Neopixel/WS2812 (and alike) support with power saving and adjustable timing (see video)
  • LEDstrip power saving StripOff™
  • LEDstrip localized & accurate blaster bolt defelction AccuBolt™ and MultiBolt™
  • Omnisabers™ support/Omnisabers™ Ready
  • 16 Color Profiles and 16 Flash on Clash™ Profiles
  • 4 boot sounds (up from 1)
  • 4 blaster sounds (up from 1)
  • Force Effect (brand new for CS)
  • 2 power off sounds
  • Pitch Shift, a sound effect modifying the playback speed and therefore the pitch based on the tilt of the saber
  • 3 sequenced accent LED pads with RGB blade matching capability
  • Spectrum colour selection options


Legacy (same as previous CS versions)

  • Power supply : 3.4 to 5.5v / 2A per LED channel. SINGLE li-ion cells (18650 or 14500) or 4xAA rechargeable NiMH batteries recommended.
  • Enhanced deep sleep mode : < 0.1 mA (deep sleep mode)
  • Flash on Clash™
  • Flexiblend™ 3 channel color mixing with main blade color and Flash on Clash colors
  • 4A high-power LED direct drive (no current regulator) per channel
  • Speaker: 4 to 8 ohm
  • True 16 bit, 22.050k sample/sec regulated audio engine
  • Audio output power : 2W max
  • Handles NC/NO/momentary switches for blade activation
  • Blade Flickering FX
  • Blade Shimmering on Clash
  • Pulse FX
  • Trident™ support for cross-guard sabers
  • Anti Power Off technology (A-POP™)
  • WAV file support
  • Up to 6 sound fonts
  • SD card support : up to 16GB, FAT16 or FAT32. Sandisk brands preferred


Check here for a breakdown of the other Plecter Labs sound cards


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