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Jedi Holocron

The ancient Jedi and Sith stored massive amounts of information in a mystical crystal object called a Holocron. Genesis Custom Sabers is proud to offer the working Jedi Holocron. This beautifully crafted cube measures approximately 3 ½” square, and weighs almost 3 pounds! This is not a toy, but a solid piece of art meant […]

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Data Holocron

For years Star Wars fans have talked about, or even attempted to build a working Holocron. Sadly there has never been a functioning Holocron available to buy anywhere… until now. Almost 2 years of work has finally yielded the Genesis Custom Sabers Data Holocron. This is a CNC machined work of art. The anodized aluminum […]

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The Corran Horn saber

For over a year I have been playing with the idea of designing Corran Horn’s infamous “speeder bike handle” lightsaber. For those who are unfamiliar with the character; Corran Horn is a Corellian Jedi, one of Luke Skywalker’s first students after the fall of the Emperor. He helped Luke to start the Jedi Academy on Yavin, but left […]

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Bane Curved Saber

  I’m not into the SW graphic novels at all, so my knowledge of Darth Bane comes from the brilliant writing of Drew Karpyshyn. For those who have read his novels, you will know that Darth Bane was given a special curved or “hooked” lightsaber by his Master on Korriban. This lightsaber fit Bane’s physically […]

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