The art of design

Since 1997  I have been driven by one thought. How do I make the experience of holding a lightsaber as close to being real as possible. In other words; “if I was a jedi….”

  1. One-of-a-kind artwork
      • Each Custom Commissioned saber I design is intended to stand out. There is no other saber like it on the planet, and I do not build second copies. I want my client to feel proud of their saber, and to know that it reflects them.

  2. Realistic materials
      • I use real metal, powdercoating, durable rubber, and other materials that are intended to make my sabers look and feel real. They are designed to stand up to dueling and wear and tear. I don’t feel it’s right for a Jedi/Sith to walk around at a con feeling like the saber on his belt is fragile.
      • I use creative techniques to achieve authentic weathering, making a saber look well used.
      • Wherever possible I utilize bar-graphs or Power Level Indicators (PLI) to simulate the readout of a real high powered machine.

  3. Ergonomic layout
      • I’ve done a lot of engineering in order to place the switches, and buttons in places where I feel would work best if this was a real weapon
      • I am conscious of the proper balance a sword should have.
      • Each saber has a custom designed layout for the electronics inside.

  4. Quality workmanship
    • I have worked hard to sharpen my skills. I am not a machinist or electronics expert by trade. But I have great friends in this hobby who are. I have learned a great deal from them and I’m proud of the work I do. I am one of the sabersmiths who can PROPERLY wire the Crystal Focus Saber Core by Plecter Labs. And I am one of the few approved by Plecter Labs to install the Crystal Shard sound card (a simpler version of the CF for sabersmiths only).
    • I have tried and tested hundreds of parts; from rechargeable batteries to speakers, to LEDs so that I can bring my designs the very best components.


For these reasons I hope you will consider me for your personal lightsaber project.

Rob Petkau


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