Illuminated Sabers

There are two ways you can purchase a lightsaber from me.

1. Buy any saber I have listed as FOR SALE

2. Contact me about building a custom designed saber for you. (you must be over 16 years of age)

For more info on how my work is priced, click  HERE

Here are some examples of my recent work;

A pristine, two handed weapon with an aggressive profile. This is the saber
It’s been years since I introduced a new saber design. I’m prou
I was asked to design a saber influenced by my Desert Dragon design, for a
One of the things I love about my production saber designs is that they are
One of the few custom commissions I’ve been able to take on in 2016,
In keeping with some of my Krayt Dragon themed elements, I present the Kray
The steel weapons available in Skyrim are beautifully designed. This etchin
From the start I’ve always wanted to do a Badaxx saber with an etched
The finest saber I have ever made. I’ve been slowly designing this li
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