Dual Ascend Saber
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Dual Ascend Saber
Light it up and stand back!


The Ascend Dual saber is actually any two Ascend sabers joined by the new Ascend “Dual Coupler”. When you unscrew the pommels of your two Ascend sabers, and screw both sabers into the Coupler, you transform them into a dramatic Darth-Maul-like dual saber! This new coupler works for both Ascend, and Ascend with CS sound.



Ordering a Dual Ascend Saber is a Special Order – please contact me:

I will get your details and prepare a PayPal invoice for you. One paid I will assemble and ship your sabers.


To see a price, go to the Ascend product page , and…

  • Select the configuration of one Ascend saber
  • Check the price of that saber
  • Double that price and add $38 for the coupler
  • That will be the price of your Dual Bladed Ascend saber.

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