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Data Holocron Gen 2

For years I have wanted to redesign my original Sith-style Holocron from 2010, and now the time has come at last. The generation 2 Data Holocron is far superior to the original in both form and function. The red glass and inset lazer etched pattern give a deep and mystical appearance to the piece, changing […]

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I’ve had in mind to design a unique saber which would look and feel both utilitarian and elegant. I wanted to capture some of the feel of my Corran Horn design, but with a more sleek profile. The Creed is perhaps my most comfortable saber to hold and wield.  I am pleased to be able to […]

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Secret Sentinel

I was asked to design a saber influenced by my Desert Dragon design, for a Jedi Sentinel of the Old Republic. It has the Krayt Bone™ and Krayt pearl crystal made from Genuine quartz. The etching pattern I created to show a divergent path from the traditional Jedi, with imagery of a the Krayt pearl […]

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One of the things I love about my production saber designs is that they are a kind of blank canvas for me to do some really unique and artful work. This is a Badaxx saber upgraded with the latest tech from Plecter Labs. It has my dragon scale etching pattern, along with some battle damage and […]

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My third production saber design preceded by the Ascend and Badaxx, this is a sleek new hilt to enter the fray. The Vector is the first saber I have designed with a completely removeable core. The Vector Core makes battery replacement super easy. It also allows the core to be swapped into a different Vector hilt! Thanks to input […]

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Krayt Fang

In keeping with some of my Krayt Dragon themed elements, I present the Krayt Fang. This is a commissioned saber that was to be made from a Krayt Dragon tooth. It’s intended to be an ancient Sith relic lost in time. It uses similar construction to my Desert Dragon saber, built around a Krayt Pearl […]

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Badaxx Curved saber

Ever since my first run of  Bane Curved sabers I have been slowly designing a unique curved saber which I could put into production. The Badaxx design is born of a desire to satisfy the illuminated saber enthusiast with a unique curved saber that is made for fighting. From the comfort of the grip to […]

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I first designed the Ascend in 2004 to be the perfect Jedi weapon. Due to this designs popularity I have made it available to everyone. I am pleased to be able to offer the Crystal Shard 4.5 sound card from Plecter Labs. This high quality, mid level device is a standard for the Ascend saber. You can have the quality […]

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