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Secret Sentinel

I was asked to design a saber influenced by my Desert Dragon design, for a Jedi Sentinel of the Old Republic. It has the Krayt Bone™ and Krayt pearl crystal made from Genuine quartz. The etching pattern I created to show a divergent path from the traditional Jedi, with imagery of a the Krayt pearl […]

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Become a  #Force4Justice

We all know that the Jedi were the guardians of “peace and justice” in the Star Wars galaxy. Well how would you like to become a guardian of justice in THIS galaxy? I’m pleased to announce that I will be partnering with IJM Canada to end human trafficking in our time. Please take the time […]

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Revan's Last

This is my concept for the last saber Revan owned, as his character is written by Drew Karpyshyn in “The Old Republic – Revan”. I was asked to design and build this saber as a custom commission. It’s lightly weathered to appear used but well cared for. At the saber’s heart is the Krayt Dragon […]

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Badaxx Firevine II

The original Firevine saber was a labour of love, and this was no less so. The etched pattern has evolved ever so slightly, and the matte trans brown powdercoating sets this saber apart. The Quad Cree LED, Crystal Focus 7.5 and Color Extender ensures that this saber has a super bright green blade, as well […]

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Krayt Fang

In keeping with some of my Krayt Dragon themed elements, I present the Krayt Fang. This is a commissioned saber that was to be made from a Krayt Dragon tooth. It’s intended to be an ancient Sith relic lost in time. It uses similar construction to my Desert Dragon saber, built around a Krayt Pearl […]

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Sith Relic Badaxx

Imagine a lightsaber with a storied history found in a sealed box after many years. This is the image I had in mind for this particular Badaxx saber. I aimed for subtle weathering that showed the saber has been cared for but well used. The R/R/G/Rb Quad Cree LED and dark styled etching make this […]

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Imperial Probe Droid

Why on earth I decided that Probe Droid legs would make good wind chimes is beyond me. But once a crazy idea gets lodged in my head I need to see it through. this project took just over a year from conception to completion. Mostly because I had to keep shelving it due to busyness, […]

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Millennium Falcon Operation Game

As a young boy I dreamed of flying, or even working on the Millennium Falcon. Well now I can… work on it at least. This is my hack of an old 70’s ESB Millennium Falcon toy from Kenner. It came to me in bad shape, and I actually used it a few years ago as a practice piece […]

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Norse Two Handed saber

  I was commissioned to design and build a two handed saber with strong Viking influence. I aimed for something with simple, strong lines and artful etching. This saber also has a detailed crystal reveal set in a machined aluminum chassis. This saber is sold (over $2500)   Specs: Plecter Labs Crystal Focus version 7 […]

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Ultimate Badaxx

Acid etching deep in the metal provides another level of artful expression. These patterns are by inkworm.co.uk (used with permission). Add in the Crystal Focus v.7 by Plecter Labs to drive the saber and this becomes the greatest Badaxx saber I’ve built. I’ve included a pic of the time consuming process of painstakingly masking off the […]

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